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Abstract Art

Exploration 34 x 48.jpg
Original Acrylic Painting Size 34" x 48 3/4" Title Exploration
Orion Mixtic Nebula 34x48.jpg
Original Acrylic Painting  34" x 48" Title Orion Mixtic Nebula

 Tristen and Isolde,Acrylic paintnig with gold leaf size 36"x48                      
La Mujer y la Luna,Acrylic painting wit silver leaf  size 26" x 32"

La Mariposa 30.5x85.jpg

                                    La Mariposa(The Butterfly) Acrilic on canvas wit gold leaf  size 30 1/2" x 85"



The art journal 46x60.jpg              

The Art Jurnal,Acrylic mis media size 48" x 62"

Rapsodia in blue 43x60.jpg
Rhapsodi in Blue,dimentional Acrylic painting  size 48" x 62"

The-Beginning-30X40 [HDTV (720)].jpg                The gales,monotype 32 x 40.jpg
The Beginning,dimentional acrylic painting size 30" x40"                                Sold

The Beginning 24X 36.jpg

Openway to distance 24x28.jpg

Sky trusformation,oil monotype size 30" x 40" Sold    Open wayu to distant,dimentional oil painting size 24"x28"


Deep transformation size 46x60.jpg          
Deep Transformation,dimentional acrylic painting size 46"x60"
For Ever More 22X 28.jpg greps to wine 18x24.jpg
For ever More,Oil Painting on canvas size 22" X 28" Wine to grepes,acrylic painting 16"x20"
Hombre Loco. 2jpg.jpg      Connections 24 X 36.jpg          
Hombre Loco,Rencaernation of Salvador Dali ODimentional oil painting size 16" x 20" Connections,Oil Monotype on paper size 30" x 40" Sold

Mujer Irani con gato 36x48.jpg                                                          Los Observadores a la terminacion del Franquismo 20X24.jpg 
Irenian Woman with Cat,Oil painting on canvas size 30" x 40" SOLD
Los Observadores del Franquismo,Oil painting on canvas size 24" x 20

     La Mujer de Nadie 36X48.jpg

La Mujer de Nadie.dimentional acrylic painting size 36" x48              

bESUBIO.ACRYLIC 26X40.jpg               5th Simphony.jpg
 Besubio Volcanic Erraction,acrylic painting size 26" x 40"    5th Simphony 30X40               Sold